We are One of the biggest Globe Of Death teams in the world ,We can perform from 2 Motorcycles inside the globe of death up to unbelievable 8 motorcycles at the same time!!!. We are a fully licensed and insured business with over thousands of shows experience. We operate globally and are based out of the United States. We have the ability to cater to any location and have some of the best Globe Of Death riders in the world. We had been performed at Fairs, Monster Jam, Festivals, Circus,Concerts, Bike rallies, and many other events!.

Our Shows are between 8 and 20 minutes in length depending on the amount of the crowd and riders. We provide sound system, announcer and autograph session after each show.




We require Minimum Area needed is 30′ Wide x 30′ Long x 22′ High

Set -up time between 3- 4 hours, the Tear Down time is between 3-4 hours as well.

Electrical requirements 110 VAC electric necessary to run the Lights (evening shows) and P.A. System Minimum 15 amp (20 Amp Circuit is better… but not always available) 110 VAC (regular electrical outlets are required for P.A. System) We have our own P.A. System and our performance lighting. If there is not electric available, then a generator 5000 watts will need to be supplied by the Event Host.